Thursday, June 24, 2010

I didnt get to go :-(

Well Jude stayed up all night long and mike was tired i woke up to the voice of my mother saying this and also we wont be able to make craft day ;-( Jude also hasn't ate very much today urgggg but i Will survive i will survive hey hey!
I also am being a bum on the couch watching my brother typing on the computer and my silly o-dog siting next to be snuggled up so much i want to do it too lol .So i cant wait till the golf tournament that I'm going to for Scottish right hospital i went to DC a couple months ago with the Charity maker of the tournament and his name is Ben he is so kind and nice please donate today by going to this site. I could use your help. She is participating in KIDS SWING this year in July. Please consider sponsoring her to raise money for Scottish Rite. Every little bit helps.

KidSwing-McKinney 2010
Welcome to my Fundraising Page for Kids Swing! For more information on this amazing charity, please visit Emily met the Kids Swing founder, Ben Sater when they were both awarded the Prudential Spirit of the Community Award in Texas. ...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just remembered hey i haven't blogged in a long...... time so i just looked at my moms blog of title big quotation with the fingers (thanks for pointing out I'm fat) mom you are not! Well my summer is rocking so far sleepovers Jude and all the swimming :-) hahaha! So i have a craft day tomorrow just too let y'all know i suck at that i cant even draw a bird or a person i could go on and on but i wont there is more important things!
I have a pen pal know and i just got one i sent a smile box too her sister and i wanted too have one its a perfect match.I will type soon :-) !