Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I GOT A NEW PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got my first thing for middle school yay! It is kind of like an Ed-Hardy purse OMG!!!! I love it so...... much i have gotten 2 compliments so far yay!! So i just want dresses this year and some t-shirts but i want cute dresses!

I love my mommy so much she cares about me a lot and she Listens to me and she goes shopping with me she is a #1 MOM! Just wanted to say that because she is my #1 inspiration

Now my fave famous person is terry fator he does a puppet shows and he is awesome i would love to meet him but i would probably faint so idk but for Christmas all i want is a puppet that can move his eyes,mouth,eyebrows and doesn't look scary thats all i want and money to get new clothes i am a clothes fanatic so that's all i wanted to say!