Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I havent posted in a while. I am now 12 , and life is ok i started middle school witch jeez don't make me start, but im going to anyway!

So let's start out with my Bff 's witch is Jazron that is very popular, Addison we have been friends since 4th grade, Maddison I love her to death she is my bear with my honey my pea to my pod she is the BFF of all time! I have known Madison since Pre-K.

MIDDLE SCHOOL IS A BIG BALL OF DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE IT, AND HATE IT SOME TIMES. So what i mean is like for incense Jazron, and her friend Jackie scream everytime they see eachother really you just saw eachother I say in my head!

Well there are not all bad things about middle school there is Theature, Art, Band, Choir! I do Theature I got Alice in Alice in wonderland. I also do Band I play clarinet. Thats about all I do because it's hard , and I do some pre- Ap classes. I want to do my best at school, also my ex-careculair.

I'll Type soon!- Em

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