Thursday, November 26, 2009

Have you been inspired?

Being inspired is one of life's most precious things! Jude is not good we figured out Jude has seizures a bad one named grandmal its a bad seizure he screams in between them its hard to watch but i love him. I am inspired by a web site named i have read alot of these things kids have done and i wanted to do something i made a program where i make boxes for the kids in the hospital i have visited 5 hospitals and made Halloween and Christmas boxes.
my site is i have also been on TV and in the fort worth star telegram.
helping kids is the greatest feeling you can make a charity.
Jude is in the hospital again hes not eating and i had to go to school without knowing what is wrong! My friend was nice and helped me she let me spend the night and i cry ed i just wanted my mom i wanted her so bad i dreamed about her.
1 person can make a difference see what you can do!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How it started?

Hi I'm Emily this is how it started! My mom was around 19 weeks it was this bad we sat down the breeze in my face frozen as a cold blooded animal. They told us your baby has an enlarge ventracl both my step dads and moms face drooped! We said how? The Doctor under his breath said a in utero stroke!
when we went home mike went up stairs mom went to take a bath those were there happy spots i walked upstairs and heard crying all thought the house and laid on my bed thinking why us? it went by 7 month es and we wound up in the ER my mom was pre-term labor i saw her one day and bonded with my mom next's 2 month es leaded to get baby stuff and she had JUDE like saint Jude for what we have gone through! Jude is a happy baby i will show you a pic when he was 1 month!!