Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bed Room's

For Christmas I got my room Re-Done witch i think is very important for a pre-teen or teen. It's some where to go when you are sad or you need time alone some where that you can express yourself, and I think mine does it all. My room has is hot pink and blue with zebra! It also has a chandelier also a new bed with new bedding, and my furniture is painted black it looks really good!

I also got my bathroom Re- Done same color's and has pictures with phrases like "Behind every women is a good pair of shoes" LOL! I also got a black boa around the mirror it looks really good Thanks Mom!!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I havent posted in a while. I am now 12 , and life is ok i started middle school witch jeez don't make me start, but im going to anyway!

So let's start out with my Bff 's witch is Jazron that is very popular, Addison we have been friends since 4th grade, Maddison I love her to death she is my bear with my honey my pea to my pod she is the BFF of all time! I have known Madison since Pre-K.

MIDDLE SCHOOL IS A BIG BALL OF DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE IT, AND HATE IT SOME TIMES. So what i mean is like for incense Jazron, and her friend Jackie scream everytime they see eachother really you just saw eachother I say in my head!

Well there are not all bad things about middle school there is Theature, Art, Band, Choir! I do Theature I got Alice in Alice in wonderland. I also do Band I play clarinet. Thats about all I do because it's hard , and I do some pre- Ap classes. I want to do my best at school, also my ex-careculair.

I'll Type soon!- Em

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I GOT A NEW PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got my first thing for middle school yay! It is kind of like an Ed-Hardy purse OMG!!!! I love it so...... much i have gotten 2 compliments so far yay!! So i just want dresses this year and some t-shirts but i want cute dresses!

I love my mommy so much she cares about me a lot and she Listens to me and she goes shopping with me she is a #1 MOM! Just wanted to say that because she is my #1 inspiration

Now my fave famous person is terry fator he does a puppet shows and he is awesome i would love to meet him but i would probably faint so idk but for Christmas all i want is a puppet that can move his eyes,mouth,eyebrows and doesn't look scary thats all i want and money to get new clothes i am a clothes fanatic so that's all i wanted to say!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I didnt get to go :-(

Well Jude stayed up all night long and mike was tired i woke up to the voice of my mother saying this and also we wont be able to make craft day ;-( Jude also hasn't ate very much today urgggg but i Will survive i will survive hey hey!
I also am being a bum on the couch watching my brother typing on the computer and my silly o-dog siting next to be snuggled up so much i want to do it too lol .So i cant wait till the golf tournament that I'm going to for Scottish right hospital i went to DC a couple months ago with the Charity maker of the tournament and his name is Ben he is so kind and nice please donate today by going to this site. I could use your help. She is participating in KIDS SWING this year in July. Please consider sponsoring her to raise money for Scottish Rite. Every little bit helps.

KidSwing-McKinney 2010
Welcome to my Fundraising Page for Kids Swing! For more information on this amazing charity, please visit Emily met the Kids Swing founder, Ben Sater when they were both awarded the Prudential Spirit of the Community Award in Texas. ...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just remembered hey i haven't blogged in a long...... time so i just looked at my moms blog of title big quotation with the fingers (thanks for pointing out I'm fat) mom you are not! Well my summer is rocking so far sleepovers Jude and all the swimming :-) hahaha! So i have a craft day tomorrow just too let y'all know i suck at that i cant even draw a bird or a person i could go on and on but i wont there is more important things!
I have a pen pal know and i just got one i sent a smile box too her sister and i wanted too have one its a perfect match.I will type soon :-) !

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

wow busy day we went to a baseball park today it was so hot ,and there was so many pop fly's. Have you ever gone out with a guy and he broke up with you just go out with her best friend and then you leave for maybe 4 days then your friend go's out with the dude that happened with me great i know stupid dude right i know I'm to young to be having guy trouble but he really liked me gosh he is stupid oh OK alright leave comments!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I did it all!

A memories
a decent thought
the love the hate.
A song of sensory details
all the punctuation!
A thought dream or memorie
or maybe a tiny piece of sand
BFF'S,sleepover,and fun
Never forget the power of I
this is what makes a special poem and guess what
I did it all!


I loved today of course . OK so i wore a shirt today saying hug a tree with a tree on it so everyone hugged me besides guys! Its been so hectic all week i mean today first my Friend read for 45 min i had to wait we went to friend Addison's house came back and cleaned my room got ice cream and finished the day with a water fight with my friend Casen!
Jude is great he is having more seizures than usually though and he is eating 24 ounces again yay!!! He's least amount this week was 16 ounces yay!!! I hate when Jude or Mike screams i especially hate when mike does it makes me feal sad or sometimes unimportant
That's why I leave the house a lot and no one wants to be at my house because of it!
DO NOT get me wrong i love mike and his insanely loud voice HA HA
mom is great her eye is bothering her right now but her life is (OK)
or alright you no different day every day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The worst day

I officially had the worst day of my life! Today i wore suspenders in so everyone flicked my straps on me i kept hitting my funny bone and NO its not funny! My teacher helped me today he is so nice.So i also couldn't go to fine arts night today so that was sad!

So that was today's kind of summary so cool right (NOT) I had an interview today about Emilysmileboxes that went well its on air Friday 7:50 KRLD so see if you can Liston

see you later

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby sitting

Well this summer i am taking a baby sitter class so i will become a certified baby sitter CPR will be learned HA HA HA ! I will take full response ability of taking care of kids so after the 5th of July.
I will learn topics like preventing accidents and illnesses basic first aid reviewing choking procedure rescue breathing and make professional decisions in babysitting
So here are the steps i will do when babysitting

1.Ask what the child's name is how old what allergic to ask parent for phone number where they live where they are going and what time will they get back and thank you them!

2.Ask the parents the (Routine) and what they eat.

3.Tell them have a nice time ascort them out have a fun time with the kid and keep safe!\

Leave a comment to see if i frogot any thing or something or maybe Just what you think i know i did'nt use puncuation mom

Friday, March 26, 2010

Questions never answered

Man i am losing my voice. Like bad i always do i get it from my grandma but i never met her she died when my mom was 7 years old. I will never know who she was or her personality. I guess i need my grandma and i miss her even though i never met her. thees are the questions i will never know these are the questions i will never know.
It makes me mad i cant know or figure out i cant add this to my list of achievements I CANT is my least favorite word but i half to say it sometimes only sometimes!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Me and school i know school/work is a drag to some people inless you love your teacher or your job pays 10 million dollers but that dosnt usually happen,but i LOVE school exsept my 2 grade teacher OMG can you say mean! I was going to my dads and i had my suite case with me and a game so my parents just split and she walked out of the room for 30 minutes and 25 minutes in my game fell out but she walked in and i was cleaning " Emily how dear you play a game at school!"geese BITTER! go to princeable let me tell you he takes PRINCEable seriously not jokeing what my point is that if your kid says their teacher is evil have a part that says ok i belive you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I got to have a weekend devoted to me I loved it! I went to a pageant i won beauty supreme meaning i got a big title i really enjoyed being there i met some really nice people i met Caitlin and her sister had open heart surgery and has down syndrome she is so cute though. I know realize even with other special needs kids Jude is not like other kids i knew before that it was bad his stroke ,but i guess i never realized it was that bad everyone can prey but some don't understand they say if you prey his brain will be healed but you can never heal it its like the number line you can get closer to a normal kid but he will never reach it we want Jude to go to the full extrema but spend as much time with him i will always love my brother but i will never know what a normal baby would be like!
My mom is really sick and I'm not feeling good either I love my mom and hope she gets better Jude is great he is starting to hold a rattle sit in his feeding chair and many other things mike or (but-4) and you say whats a but-4 and i say for popping stupid and we all laugh hehehehehe me and mike on each other all the time. Mike is doing great to getting knew games all that guy stuff!
PS: I know I forgot periods I'm sorry!

Monday, January 11, 2010



I know you are thinking what in the world does Buckets have to do with this well every single person has a Bucket i you everyone. There are Bucket fillers and tippers. Some bullies and mean people are bucket tippers which means make people sad Bucket fillers are the people who fill your soul the people who brighten in your eyes sine like a star! Ask yourself I'm i a Bucket filler or tipper? I ask that every single day one of my motivations to get up is be a Bucket filler today!

My Bucket filler every day is MOM,MORGAN,MIKE,AND MY DADDY! I would love to be a bucket filler not a dipper maybe ask someone today are you a bucket filler?
PS: Jude is OK i guess he yells all the time its getting really annoying just screaming is all i hear rather its mike mom Jude or anyone i feel like my house is built on yelling i really want my friends to come over and not say hey how old is he and they give me a weird face like he should be walking i say in my mind well he would if he could now get out but i couldn't say that now could I....