Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How it started?

Hi I'm Emily this is how it started! My mom was around 19 weeks it was this bad we sat down the breeze in my face frozen as a cold blooded animal. They told us your baby has an enlarge ventracl both my step dads and moms face drooped! We said how? The Doctor under his breath said a in utero stroke!
when we went home mike went up stairs mom went to take a bath those were there happy spots i walked upstairs and heard crying all thought the house and laid on my bed thinking why us? it went by 7 month es and we wound up in the ER my mom was pre-term labor i saw her one day and bonded with my mom next's 2 month es leaded to get baby stuff and she had JUDE like saint Jude for what we have gone through! Jude is a happy baby i will show you a pic when he was 1 month!!


  1. Good girl Emily. Keep writing hopefully you will make us parents understand what's it like growing up with having a brother/sister with medical problems. You are a great young lady.
    The Cats in the Bronx

  2. congratulation on your new blog! it looks great!! keep doing what you are doing, your boxes are really making a difference! thanks also for sharing your thoughts. my son is special needs and my daughter is just like you (only 4).