Thursday, November 26, 2009

Have you been inspired?

Being inspired is one of life's most precious things! Jude is not good we figured out Jude has seizures a bad one named grandmal its a bad seizure he screams in between them its hard to watch but i love him. I am inspired by a web site named i have read alot of these things kids have done and i wanted to do something i made a program where i make boxes for the kids in the hospital i have visited 5 hospitals and made Halloween and Christmas boxes.
my site is i have also been on TV and in the fort worth star telegram.
helping kids is the greatest feeling you can make a charity.
Jude is in the hospital again hes not eating and i had to go to school without knowing what is wrong! My friend was nice and helped me she let me spend the night and i cry ed i just wanted my mom i wanted her so bad i dreamed about her.
1 person can make a difference see what you can do!


  1. Yes I have by a young lady named Emily.

  2. What a great start to your blog, Emily. I am hopping over to your mom's blog to get caught up on Jude. What a wonderful big sister you are! What a wonderful person you are!