Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I got to have a weekend devoted to me I loved it! I went to a pageant i won beauty supreme meaning i got a big title i really enjoyed being there i met some really nice people i met Caitlin and her sister had open heart surgery and has down syndrome she is so cute though. I know realize even with other special needs kids Jude is not like other kids i knew before that it was bad his stroke ,but i guess i never realized it was that bad everyone can prey but some don't understand they say if you prey his brain will be healed but you can never heal it its like the number line you can get closer to a normal kid but he will never reach it we want Jude to go to the full extrema but spend as much time with him i will always love my brother but i will never know what a normal baby would be like!
My mom is really sick and I'm not feeling good either I love my mom and hope she gets better Jude is great he is starting to hold a rattle sit in his feeding chair and many other things mike or (but-4) and you say whats a but-4 and i say for popping stupid and we all laugh hehehehehe me and mike on each other all the time. Mike is doing great to getting knew games all that guy stuff!
PS: I know I forgot periods I'm sorry!

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