Thursday, April 15, 2010


I loved today of course . OK so i wore a shirt today saying hug a tree with a tree on it so everyone hugged me besides guys! Its been so hectic all week i mean today first my Friend read for 45 min i had to wait we went to friend Addison's house came back and cleaned my room got ice cream and finished the day with a water fight with my friend Casen!
Jude is great he is having more seizures than usually though and he is eating 24 ounces again yay!!! He's least amount this week was 16 ounces yay!!! I hate when Jude or Mike screams i especially hate when mike does it makes me feal sad or sometimes unimportant
That's why I leave the house a lot and no one wants to be at my house because of it!
DO NOT get me wrong i love mike and his insanely loud voice HA HA
mom is great her eye is bothering her right now but her life is (OK)
or alright you no different day every day!

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