Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby sitting

Well this summer i am taking a baby sitter class so i will become a certified baby sitter CPR will be learned HA HA HA ! I will take full response ability of taking care of kids so after the 5th of July.
I will learn topics like preventing accidents and illnesses basic first aid reviewing choking procedure rescue breathing and make professional decisions in babysitting
So here are the steps i will do when babysitting

1.Ask what the child's name is how old what allergic to ask parent for phone number where they live where they are going and what time will they get back and thank you them!

2.Ask the parents the (Routine) and what they eat.

3.Tell them have a nice time ascort them out have a fun time with the kid and keep safe!\

Leave a comment to see if i frogot any thing or something or maybe Just what you think i know i did'nt use puncuation mom


  1. Hi,Emily I recently joined to follow your blog and have been following your mom's blog for sometime now. I wanted to comment that you are an extraordinary young lady. I really like they way you take responsibility to help others.

  2. Thankyou so much Gilda and mom talks about you all the time and how wonderfull you are