Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hospital again

We visited the hospital just 2 weeks ago i haven't posted anything in a while because of it it was hard i was feeling like i was pushed in a corner it seemed like it was a fairytale that it didn't end well Jude well wasn't eating at all hes on a medicine called depakote it can cause liver failure. if you have a special needs kid make sure from my point of view that there sis or brother does these things

.They are just important

.They get to spending time with there friends

. They talk with there parents dad and mom sometimes about how they are feeling!

.They actually understand what is going on

.talk to them about school to make sure no one is picking on them!

that is what i would check Jude got blood, pee, and stoll taking it was very uncomfortable for me to watch it was hard to see my parents split because of me and people can try to convince me saying its not you Emily but it was one of my parent had to stay with Jude and one Had to stay with me last time my mom cry ed i think its my fault but don't cry i will show you a picture!

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