Monday, December 14, 2009

A thanks giving with tips

OK so i think you get what I'm doing a story a tip OK what a thanksgiving from poo! I hate Thanksgiving my Thanksgiving poo i was sick i couldn't go to any ones house we my family had a little thanksgiving i had a tummy virus it was bad pucking stomach acid and just awful i Had to eat BRAT Bananas Bread Rice Apple juice Apple sauce Toast my mom got steak that day i looked at my plate i had BRAT really steak shrimp fave thing none on my plate I just really hate thanksgiving!

tip.I have alot of things to vent my feelings white board,diary,and a cat 3 dogs and my bro we need to tell something about the person that is asking whats wrong so maybe get them one of the things.

2.If a kid is miss behaving maybe try any of these things take away what they most need but really don't, give them a choir list, no friends no TV,write about what they did ,read a book on manners did that not fun!,behavior chart,and a ll of the things i listed for really bad!

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  1. You might re-read through your paragraphs to make sure they make sense :). Keep writing Em, good job