Thursday, December 17, 2009

why does she think i dont do anything?

OK i get home from school at 3:00 it takes about 12 minutes to do homework and 45 minutes to do chores in less big things then its 60 minutes and kids play 1:00 mom gets home at 5:30 i only get maybe roughly about 2 hours i really need more play time i need friends social life sun air i really hate when my mom comes home and says what have you done and i say a lot like clean the counters pack my bag done some laundry and UN load the dishes and she says why didn't you load it i just really wanted to scream i mean can a kid get a break?
1.don't spank a child it will lead them to hit you!Put them into time out!
2.Remember you can ask me a question.

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  1. Yeah I never spank you. The deal is the work is done halfway and then it takes you longer to complete your chores. If you had done them right in the first place, then you would have a ton of free time. Just sayin.