Monday, December 28, 2009


Lets go to the day before Christmas i looked at mom you know and asked can i open my Christmas eve present mom said of coarse yes and she said there they are 2 presents an 1 small tiny one and 1 big one i thought why the big one well i had to wait almost 10 minutes so mom could get her cell video camera camera all on and the video camera had to charge 5 more minutes then i opened it and i said dog stuff? and mike said why did you get dog stuff when she has a cat?then mom said then what do you think that means Em? I will show you a video in a while because what i did was priceless!

I got a dog know why i did that what i will show you in a couple of days is because i was siting in the car with mike going home the shut are highway to get to are house so it took about 3 hours to get actually by the driveway and it litterly took 10 minutes to get in the driveway so lets go back to the puppy named bigsby its a yorkie poo and i dont know why they put poo on the end of yorkie because they aint poo its solid black his name is bigsby and big brown eyes i got him on christmas my mom was panning to get bigsby on christmas eve but the funny part is that he had to fly and the only fly kennle was pink so he came in a pink cage and he follows me every where same with my mom when i leave mike was in a fight with mom talk wise and bigsby followed her and when mike came down stairs bigsby barked at him and bigsby is tiny about 4.4 pounds so it was so cute because he cant bark loud !

ps: I got rules with bigsby I would do the same if i had a kid rules like keep room clen so bigsby dosent eat it and feed him 3 times a day and 4 times to the bathroom

let me tell you having a dog is hard but i love him soooooooo much!

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  1. Very cute Em. Hey we need to work on punctuation.